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Attract the right talent with the new Skillful Job Posting Generator
Do you struggle to find the talent your organization needs to grow?

Your job postings may be at fault.

In this free Skillful webinar, you’ll learn how skills-based job postings can help you find the talent your company needs to succeed. You’ll also learn how Skillful’s newest tool, the Skillful Job Posting Generator, can help you craft skills-based job postings.

Too many organizations rely traditional employment practices, which rely heavily on proxies for skills like a candidate’s degrees, their past job titles, and the interviewer’s subjective evaluation. These practices are inefficient, inexact, and leave capable candidates on the sidelines.

Skillful encourages employers to instead use skills-based practices, which focus on the skills needed to do a job. By focusing on skills, you can gain a competitive edge by:
• Reducing time to hire by deepening the talent pool
• Improving retention by attracting candidates with the right skills for the job
• Increasing diversity by focusing both the person hiring and the person seeking a job on skills, rather than proxies like degrees which can unnecessarily eliminate capable candidates

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Jan 23, 2019 11:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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